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Wayhome Tarot 2nd Anniversary

Wayhome Tarot 2nd Anniversary

Today is Wayhome Tarot’s second birthday and with it so much to celebrate.

The beauty of the deck itself, in all her spitfire glory. the community who opened their arms and altars to the tune of thousands of decks across the globe. The pleasure of witnessing this creation find its feet and then its wings.

But today, I wanna first and foremost celebrate my buddy @awhitehurststudio, Wayhome’s illustrator and co-creator. That Autumn directed her formidable talents and considerable efforts to this project for years is the reason Wayhome is the luminous masterpiece you see before you. The lens through which she views the world is both unflinchingly honest and insistently infused with wonder, precisely alchemized in each card. To create with someone who has inspired, delighted, and brought out the best + most magical in me at every turn, who I cherish as a friend and revere as a collaborator, is one of the great gifts of my life.

Autumn, to have met you at the dog park in 2015 is fate. To call you family in 2021 is fortune. In a world where so much doesn’t go as planned, I thank the universe that we found each other and can walk beside each other on the wayhome.


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