Wished For This

By Crystal Bar Soap

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  • Wished For This
  • Wished For This
  • Wished For This
  • Wished For This
  • Wished For This

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Hey Magician, the thing you wanted more than anything is currently manifesting regardless of whether you can see it or not. It may not look like a perfect slice of Funfetti cake but trust the process. In time your true intentions will rise and you will see that everything happens for a reason. The good and the bad. This body frosting is a tool to help keep your spirits high and your magicians’ hands hydrated during all types of sorcery. Quartz is a great tool to amplify your energetic vibrations. It's best to use when you're feeling good and have strong belief that your manifestations are on their way. Not all magic is immediate so please allow 10 minutes for the oil to fully absorb into your skin. 


Clear Quartz is one of the most important tools in any magician could have! Clear Quartz is a triple threat —it can be easily programmed with your intentions, amplifies the energy of other crystals and it has a powerful memory and magnifies energy patters, so using the same crystal repeatedly allows for the original intention to manifest into reality. Clear Quartz supports you in creating a vision of your life that is unique to you. It helps you drown out the noise from the outside world or any internal distraction so you can see your ideal life in your mind’s eye and work toward making it a reality. Quartz is a blank slate that can be reprogrammed to adjust to new objectives. It is like blowing out your birthday candles over and over again with the same wish until it manifests, and when you are ready it can be cleansed and ready to make more of your dreams come true! 


This Funfetti Body Frosting smells just like a classic sweet vanilla slice of birthday cake, topped with vegan sprinkles this is the perfect treat for your body and soul!


Instructions for Use:

Scoop quarter-sized amount into clean, dry fingers. Gently massage all over the body, or target areas needing intensive moisture.

Use every time you need to treat yourself or make new dreams come true!


Natural Shea Butter, Arrowroot, Vegan Sprinkles, Fragrance and Wishes!