Fancy Shapes- Clear Quartz & Dark Smoky Quartz

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For fools, supremes, and every witch you know. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust (after feldspar), and is found in nearly every country on the planet. This vitreous gem is one of the most important tools in any esoteric toolkit; Clear Quartz is a triple threat of programmability, amplification, and memory.

Quartz is the bedrock, if you will, of contemporary geomancy, and for good reason: Clear Quartz is unparalleled in its programmability. Quartz is piezoelectric, meaning that it converts mechanical energy (energy from touch or pressure) into electromagnetic energy. This quality is the reason quartz is used in watches, microphones and radios, and also explains why Quartz is useful for any sort of ritual work. During meditation, touching or holding Clear Quartz can program a stone with the user’s intent or desire, and the crystal will hold, emit, and amplify this bespoke energy. While the vast majority of stones have set vibrations that suit specific needs, Quartz is a blank slate that can be reprogrammed to adjust to new objectives. If we’re looking for extreme manifestation, the same Clear Quartz crystal can be programmed multiple times with the same intent; Quartz’s superior memory qualities hold onto intentions unless the crystal is explicitly cleansed, so working with one crystal and one objective creates tidal waves of manifestation. Finally, Quartz amplifies the energy of other stones; adding Clear Quartz to your work with another stone can exponentially increase its vibrations.

Use Quartz wherever you need to up your magic game. Program a Clear Quartz point with specific intent, lay out a Quartz grid, or use in any healing, communication, or manifestation ritual for excellent results.

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