Kyanite Tumbles

By Everyday Magic

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  • Kyanite Tumbles
  • Kyanite Tumbles

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For long distance lovers, ghosts, and lore keepers. Kyanite is a semitransparent blue crystal that grows in Burma, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United States. This stone transmits energy between our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, and amplifies our powers of communication and healing.

Blue Kyanite has high vibrations that enhance communication on all planes. Kyanite’s structure is triclinic, or, it forms in thousands of layers of blade-like crystal sheets. Each of these sheets is similar to a paper page—it’s a plane on which information can be transcribed or interpreted. Kyanite’s gift of gab makes it especially useful for telepaths: if all communicating parties keep a stone with them, it’s possible to conduct emotional and even verbal conversation across great distances. Kyanite works with all chakras, especially the heart and third eye, to clear energy blockages as it grounds. As it allows us to journey without leaving the body, Blue Kyanite is useful in past life regression and explorations of our inner workings as well as the aforementioned telepathic communication. Blue Kyanite is as helpful on the earth plane as it is astrally: this is a great stone to have on hand when you need to negotiate with humans in addition to spirits.

Keep Kyanite with you when you need to flex your diplomatic charms, or add points to a crystal grid to send all gems involved to a higher plane of vibration.

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