Labradorite Palmstones

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High-flash Labradorite Palmstones in two sizes

For scryers, painters, and parselmouths. The earliest evidence of Labradorite in ritual use come from the Red Paint people of Northeastern America, in what is now Maine; missionaries later named the stone after the Labrador peninsula, though Labradorite is also found in Madagascar, Mexico, and Russia. Nicknamed “the magician’s stone,” Labradorite is a powerful tool for awakening one’s intuitive abilities. 

This inter-dimensional stone assists in journeying on all planes—through astral travel, dreams, and past and future lives. Each piece of Labradorite is visually electric: in the same way that phosphemes pop against the backs of our eyelids when we close our eyes, the colors in this stone flash and bloom against a great existential darkness. Labradorite works with all chakras to assist users in gaining full control over their energy. Of course, great power comes with great responsibility, and Labradorite instills in users both a healthy dose of adventure and the desire to master only ourselves, as this stone’s powers are weakened by attempts to manipulate or otherwise affect third parties. 

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