Lapis Lazuli Pebbles

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For initiates, royals, and hierophants. Lapis Lazuli was given its contemporary name in the Middle Ages, though the stone has been found at Egyptian burial sites that date back to 3000BCE and adorns imperial tombs including King Tutankhamen’s. Today, the best Lapis Lazuli is sourced from the West Hind Kush mountains of Afghanistan. This stone has been used to initiate contact with the Divine as long as humans have engaged in ritual, and its power as a mystical stone is timeless. 

Lapis Lazuli allows us to review and order our lives as a wise leader would rule their empire. Lapis awakens the third eye and induces visions of alternate and past lives, granting us access to an ancient bank of universal knowledge. Lapis Lazuli is particularly useful for communicating with our ancestors, who are often eager to teach their earthbound progeny. Glittering golden inclusions usher sun energy into each Lapis’ azure plane of dreamspace, balancing the stone’s ethereal vibrations with a healthy dose of motivation and manifestation. Thus, Lapis Lazuli calls us to transcend this dimension and also encourages us to take home what we learn on our journey. To boot, Lapis Lazuli strengthens the memory, and is beneficial to students of the mundane as well as the spiritual. 

Keep Lapis Lazuli on your ancestral altar, or sleep with Lapis in your bed to receive messages while you dream.

Lapis Lazuli Pebbles

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