Rainbow Obsidian Mary Pendants

By Everyday Magic

$ 25.00 

  • Rainbow Obsidian Mary Pendants
  • Rainbow Obsidian Mary Pendants

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Traveling all the way from the heart of Mexico, this rainbow obsidian showcases a stunning array of tones and flashes, each carved into a pendant of the Virgin Mary. Mythology, history, and religion tell us of Mary’s miraculous life, not only as the mother of Jesus, but herself also being a child of god, born into the world full of grace and without sin. The metaphor inside of this story asks us to trust the divine plan, to say yes when we are approached with divine opportunity, and allowing alignment of the physical and energetic bodies. With the use of rainbow obsidian, our beings’ become vessels for divine energy. We open ourselves to messages from the beyond, and we grow in size to reach our ultimate capacity for magic. In ancient times, the Mayans believed that obsidian was as precious as gold, for it’s ability to be sharpened into exquisite blades. We see even today, in the surgical field, obsidian blades are still used for their precision cuts and ability to prevent major scarring. Working with obsidian under the guidance of the Virgin Mary, exploration and integration become the name of the game. Exploring the self emotionally, chronologically, and intellectually to create a map through the mind body and spirit, cutting through blocks and barriers to seek truth. With rainbow obsidian, we are guided and reminded of our bloodline and ultimate connection to the cosmic divine space from whence we came. 

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