Raw Black Tourmaline

By Everyday Magic

$ 11.00 

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For guardians, sadgirls, and crones. Tourmaline is found on every continent, and includes crystals of all colors, forms, and energies. Black Tourmaline is possibly the most powerful spiritual stone in this group; this dark, glossy crystal offers psychic protection beyond compare.

Black Tourmaline resonates with the root chakra to ease interactions in which we feel unsafe or insecure. This is a stone of endurance, and is especially useful to empaths and people who live or work in high-stress environments; if you feel like you can’t stop taking in energy, Black Tourmaline will soak up excess vibrations and transmute them into gentler resonances. Black Tourmaline’s cleansing powers reach deep into our bodies and souls, clearing energy blockages, drawing trauma away from our energy fields, and creating new spaces within us that we can fill with healing vibrations.

Slip Black Tourmaline in your pillowcase to cleanse your aura while you sleep, or meditate with Black Tourmaline to ease feelings of anxiety unworthiness.


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