Selenite Bowls

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Selenite Bowls to be used as container for non-liquid items only, for example: other tumbled stones, herbal offerings that are not for consumption. 

For alomancers, morning stars, and vestal virgins. Selenite is a soft, striated form of Gypsum that forms over hundreds of thousands of years in blisteringly hot caves; the Selenite formations in Mexico’s Naica mines are the largest crystals in the world at almost forty feet long and thirteen feet in diameter. Selenite is a robust choice for ascension and communication with higher powers.

Selenite’s ethereal inner glow embodies its brilliant purification energy. This stone’s high vibrations cleanse and amplify other stones, making Selenite a natural choice for the bases of wands, bowls, and other tools. Selenite also activates the third eye and crown chakras, opening us to the spirit world. In meditation, Selenite invites our guides into our consciousness and helps us interpret messages visually, so that we can better understand what Spirit is trying to communicate to us.

Meditate with Selenite over the third eye to induce detailedvisual messages from guides and guardians, or use Selenite post-healing to cleanse and dispel excess energy.

A note on care: Selenite is sensitive to water and other liquids. While exposure to liquids won’t affect this stone’s metaphysical power, it can alter its size and form. Consider cleansing and ritual practices that don’t involve contact with water. (Additionally, Selenite is a natural self-cleansing stone that needs very little maintenance.)

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