Sodalite Heart - Medium

By Everyday Magic

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For philosophers, cragsmen, and cartomancers. Brazilian-sourced Sodalite is a rich blue stone chapped with white, a palpable roiling sea. Fittingly, Sodalite pushes us to explore the murky, magic fathomage of deep consciousness.

         Sodalite is one of the most helpful stones for intuition and deep journeying. This stone activates the third eye chakra, boosting our natural intuition and coaxing us into states of prophetic revelation. This makes Sodalite an ideal companion stone for those who work with tarot, astrology, and other oracle tools. Sodalite opens us to other dimensions, but it teaches us just as much about ourselves: meditating with Sodalite is like standing on a high peak that overlooks your conscious self. You’re able to study your thoughts, feelings and experiences from a distance, working through them without becoming emotionally entangled. This honest, nonjudgmental inventory of the self is indispensable in magic; if we wish to understand the cosmos’ infinite plan, the first step is to understand ourselves.

            Wear Sodalite or keep a stone in your pocket when sitting meditation, or keep Sodalite on your altar to advance your divination practice.

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