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Empress Herbs Philosophy

Empress Herbs is a synthesis of herbalism, aromatherapy, energy medicine, and astrology. The plants that magically transform the sun and earth into food and air preceded us by millions of years. The cycles of the heavenly bodies have informed humans since the beginning of our existence. We take these things for granted, but in the Ayurvedic system the five elements (fire, earth, water, air, and space) represented in all life on earth and by the planets in the heavens have been carefully studied. The relationship of planets, plants, and elements is informative, powerful, and healing. This knowledge can be a guide to a specific herb for vitamins and nourishment, to choose herbs or oils to calm fears and anxiety, to speed recovery from illness or injury, correct imbalances in bodily systems, ease discomfort, and perhaps most importantly, to increase our faith and trust in the fact we are indeed being cared for by a kind, benevolent Universe.

Product Origin & Process

Rochelle Eisenberger, a.k.a. Empress Herbs, uses only organic, carefully wild-crafted or cultivated plants in my preparations. Herbs and essential oils are gaining popularity, which means typically care and management of the plants and their habitats become compromised. Some plants are endangered and Empress Herbs only purchases those plants from trusted organic cultivators. Her essential oils are sourced for quality, ethical harvest, and fair trade. Vedic astrology is used to calculate the auspicious timing of harvest and preparation of all oils, spagyrics, and tinctures. General body creams are prepared with the cycles of the moon, unless otherwise noted.