Oil Of Copper

By Kymia Arts

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The Oil of Copper is associated with the planetary energies of Venus as well as the Heart Chakra. This energy center deals specifically with matters of the “heart” on both the physical and spiritual levels, such as love, courage, and compassion. It radiates self-love and enables you to receive and express love unconditionally, rather than being dependent on the love of others. This area is where you further integrate your spiritual self within your physical being. It is also a center for compassion, allowing one to have harmonious relationships with all life.

The element associated with this oil is Air, and in the Vedic chakra traditions this center was known as the “Gateway of the Winds." Physically, the Oil of Copper works on matters of the heart such as: heart palpitations, high or low blood pressure, chest pains and so on. But being an element of wind and centered in-between the lungs, we also find that the Oil of Copper works on some matters associated with the lungs such as: asthma, hyperventilation, and other respiratory issues. The spiritual aspects of the Oil of Copper help to secure a deeper understanding to the concepts and realities of love -- building courage as well as elevating compassion for all life. The most important part of these spiritual attributes is that love is strengthened within you as self-love, which when solidified and anchored to the heart helps you to spread love more thoroughly and honestly to all of your relationships - with yourself, your friends, family, loved ones, nature...all of existence.

Other emotions of the heart such as heartbreak, sorrow, sadness, and even lust are also centered here. The Oil of Copper helps to balance out these energies and allow you to see them honestly without losing your self and mind to these sensations. With continuous daily use, self-appreciation and self-beauty will be strengthened. You will find harmony and pleasure in social interactions and in the structure of all existence. The energies of the heart are the links between the physical and energetic systems below that correspond to the base structure of Man, both physically and spiritually, and the higher energetic systems above it that deal with the deeper levels of consciousness and communication. When the heart chakra is balanced through the use of the Oil of Copper, a stage is set where these lower and higher energies may work together to perform powerful expressions that can be seen in the manifest world- expressions fueled directly by the infinite Consciousness rooted in us all.
Balanced Energy Center:
Sense of compassion for all life and the recognition of intelligence within it. Kindness. Caring. Understanding. Joyful. Outgoing. Feeling completely at ease with yourself and others in your life. Acceptance for yourself and others. Able to enjoy solitude. Harmonious relationships. Self love.

Overactive Energy Center:
Suffocate people with attention and love. Can be ruled by your emotions, especially negative emotions like sadness, anger, grief, and despair. Greediness. Manipulative. Overcritical and judgmental of yourself and others. Conditional love as opposed to unconditional. Fear of not being liked or accepted by others. Fear that you give more than you receive in your relationships. Overly dependent in your relationships. Hard time letting go of relationships that no longer serve you.

Under-active Energy Center:
Distant. Negative thinking or pessimistic. Feelings of being unloved or under-appreciated. Picky when it comes to relationships. Hard time trusting others. Hard time letting people in. Trouble expressing soft emotions such as sadness, sorrow, heartbreak, depression. Lack ability to process sadness and grief. Codependent.

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