Oil Of Gold

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The Oil of Gold is associated with the planetary energies of the Sun and the Crown Chakra. The crown chakra, being the third eye, was known to be the center of unity with pure and undifferentiated Consciousness. This plane of pure consciousness, known to ancient alchemists as “Prima Materia,” was recognized as the source of all. Stimulating this center opens the third eye and provides a broader perspective and understanding of the higher self while still being aware of the energy centers that lie beneath it.

The ancients believed that levels of expanded awareness resided within this center, encompassing everyone, everything, and everywhere at all times. An opened crown chakra makes one fully Human and fully Divine at the same time. This is the gateway that connects us to both the physical and non-physical realms of existence. It is from here that we realize our divinity and our connection to all that is, recognizing 
life as an extension of our own consciousness - that we are the dreamer dreaming the dream. Grasping these understandings makes it possible to see that all manifestations, whether viewed as good or bad, are a result of our thought patterns that become subconscious beliefs…and in knowing this, we begin to change the dream.

Physically the Oil of Gold corresponds to the Pineal Gland, situated between the two hemispheres of the brain. The Pineal Gland has a multitude of responsibilities, but is known mostly for its production of Melatonin and DMT. Melatonin helps regulate the sensations of sleep and wakefulness. It is also known to protect DNA against degenerative mutations, in effect keeping the body free of disease, aiding in aspects of anti-aging, observed longevity, and youthfulness. These understandings are in accord with alchemical perspectives which have stated that the Oil of Gold is a universal panacea, capable of healing all disease within the body, and even an elixir for immortality keeping one forever youthful if desired.

This center is considered the true self, the inner self, or that which is of central concern. It is also associated with general vitality, the ability to assert oneself, become unprejudiced, and aware of life as it is. Full opening of this energy center is considered to be extremely difficult and hard to sustain.

Spiritually it is seen that the Oil of Gold solidifies your connection to pure and unbounded consciousness, incorporating intuitive understanding of infinite wisdom and a direct relationship to the source of all. Clear perception of this level of consciousness allows you to awaken the inherent consciousness within every cell of the body, and clearly see that Consciousness as the true self. Awakening this center fully eliminates the cause for suffering and limitation and liberates you from cyclic modes of thinking and existence, opening you up to the experience of true reality.

Although the Oil of Gold is attributed to such states as infinite consciousness, divine reality, and physical immortality, let it be noted that even while using this oil as a powerful tool, this center still remains difficult to fully open and keep open. Consistent and daily use of the Oil of Gold will be needed to reach such states of being. To ancient alchemists, the Oil of Gold was considered a treasure among treasures. Because of its magnificent powers of healing and ability to awaken the divine consciousness in man, this particular oil became a closely guarded secret and was considered a most precious gift from God. The Oil of Gold is to be treated with reverence and awe.
Great intuitive knowledge and wisdom. Absolute awareness of the spiritual self. Unified in spirit to all that exists. Eliminates the cause of suffering and severs ignorance at the root. Liberation from cyclic existence. Direct experience to true reality.

Intellectualizing things too much. Addicted to spirituality. Ignoring bodily needs. Unable to control your encounters with other realms of existence. May be considered “far out." Trouble grounding yourself. Can be hard for people to take you seriously. May posses a God complex. Considering yourself better than others.

Lack of purpose in life. All feels meaningless. Angry at God. Blame lifes' circumstances on the things outside of you. Coordination issues. Clumsiness, Poor balance. Lack of spirituality. No desire to know or discover your inner-self.

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