Carnelian bb Bloops

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  • Carnelian bb Bloops
  • Carnelian bb Bloops
  • Carnelian bb Bloops

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For beauties, beasts, and burning souls. This stone (sourced from India, Brazil, and Uruguay) is a sanguine variety of banded chalcedony. As its deep red-orange hue suggests, Carnelian is a fiery talisman of confidence, sexuality, and action.

Working with the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, Carnelian is stabilized fire. This stone asks us to sit in the most primal parts of our bodies and work with our somatic wildness. Carnelian dispels apathy and lethargy; at the end of the night, this stone will pull us off the sofa to dance to one more song. Carnelian can be especially useful to those among us who know we have something dazzling to offer the world, but are held back by anxiety or insecurity. Carnelian can also be indispensible to the boldest esoterics. It’s common for healers, witches, and mediums to focus on the upper chakras, as they help us transcend our physical bodies and connect to Spirit. True magic, however, is only possible when we honor our earth bodies as much as our ethereal selves. Carnelian is an ideal stone for working with our divine physicality. 

Keep a tumbled stone at your bedside to better connect with lovers, or meditate with Carnelian over your root, sacral, or solar plexus chakra to hone your body as a magical tool in its own right.

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