Incense Holder- Rose Quartz

By Everyday Magic

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  • Incense Holder- Rose Quartz
  • Incense Holder- Rose Quartz
  • Incense Holder- Rose Quartz

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For lovers, empresses, and tenderfoots. Most Rose Quartz is sourced from Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States, where it grows in massive pink formations. Rose Quartz is the quintessential heart chakra stone, and soothes as readily as it strikes sparks.

Love may be the most universally accepted form of magic. The most ardent skeptic is open to the idea that a chance meeting can bloom into an intimacy that wouldn’t be possible with any other human on the planet; love is accepted as a motive in art, crime, and everywhere between. Thus, it’s no surprise that Rose Quartz is one of the most universally sought-after crystals. This stone unblocks and activates the heart chakra, bringing romantic energy into our lives and allowing us to embrace that energy with our entire beings. Rose Quartz is a powerful healer that encourages us to release heartache and sorrow so that we can approach love without fear. This stone also harmonizes us with our surroundings, breaking down barriers of misunderstanding and allowing us to deeply connect with ourselves, others, and the benevolent workings of the universe. Rose Quartz’s power surpasses the individual, and meditation with this crystal produces positive energy that transcends this dimension.

Place Rose Quartz above the front door to bless your home and bring in positive energy, or gift Rose Quartz to lovers, teachers, friends, and strangers. 

A note on care: Rose Quartz is photosensitive. While exposure to sunlight won’t affect this stone’s metaphysical power, it can alter or lighten its color. Consider cleansing and ritual practices that don’t involve prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

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