Oil Of Iron

By Kymia Arts

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The Oil of Iron is associated with the planetary energies of Mars as well as the Third Chakra center located in the Solar Plexus. This energy center is considered the seat of personal power. It stores the judgments, opinions, and beliefs gathered throughout one's life. Willpower is also said to be positioned here. 
Representative of the energy and drive of a person, their courage, determination, and the freedom to follow spontaneous impulses. These energies describe the readiness for action, the way one goes about doing things, and healthy aggression. Traditionally this area was said to radiate vital life-energy (prana) throughout the body.

Self-esteem, raw emotion, and self-discipline are governed by this center. It is where we have a mental understanding of our emotional self. The energies of the solar plexus govern how we “digest” our thoughts, feelings, and emotions towards ourselves and our exterior environment. Physically the Oil of Iron works on all systems associated with digestion (Stomach, Intestines, Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas, etc.). When the Oil of Iron is incorporated into the body, these systems are balanced to help you effectively break down ingested foods and distribute nutrients more adequately. Problems of over- or under-acidity in the digestive system as well as diabetic issues can be balanced with the use of this oil. It also plays an important role in metabolism and the conversion of food into energy.

Spiritually, the Oil of Iron builds upon the two energy centers below it. The self-esteem associated with the energies of Saturn and the raw emotions associated with the energies of Jupiter are elevated and incorporated into the chakra center of the solar plexus. These energies may then be harnessed by the Will to be transmuted towards higher forms of expression and consciousness. When properly balanced this center allows you to thoroughly “digest” your thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are stimulated by the interactions in your interior and exterior environments. With thorough digestion of both physical and emotional intake, the body and consciousness can use these vital energies accordingly so that the organism may flourish.

With energy effectively distributed throughout the body, personal power increases, providing you with a better grasp to utilize your Will. This strengthening of Will is the vital aspect of the Oil of Iron. With proper digestion of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and the conversion of these energies into power or will, the stage is set for the higher energies of the heart to use these things as tools to reconnect you with infinite and the pure and unadulterated consciousness which is your true self. 

Balance Energy Center:
Take responsibility for your own decisions. Able to choose your own beliefs rather than conform to the beliefs of others. Complete control over your emotions or thoughts. Contains self-love and appreciation for all people and all life. Circulates warmth, joy, and energy throughout the body as well as others who come in contact with you.

Overactive Energy Center:
Judgmental or over-critical. Finds faults in others easily. Demanding. Stubborn. Aggressive. Workaholic. Perfectionist.

Under-active Energy Center:
Doubt and mistrust. Worry about what others think about you. Suppressing your feelings and emotions. Feel alone. Feel like you’re not good enough. Dependent on others. Passive. Indecisive. Timid.

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