Oil Of Tin

By Kymia Arts

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The Oil of Tin is associated with the planetary energies of Jupiter as well as the Sacral Chakra center. This center is associated with relationships, basic emotional needs, and pleasures of all kinds. It governs sexuality, procreation, and creativity. Comprehension of duality is prevalent in this area, leading to the understanding of masculinity and femininity and the attraction of opposites, which corresponds to the universal image of sexuality at large. Strongly associated with the pleasure centers, cravings, and appreciation for tastes, sounds, sights, and smells are entertained in this region.

In the Vedic tradition, this chakra was known as the “gateway of the moon” which isn’t at all surprising seeing its connections to the brow chakra which has a planetary correspondence with the moon. As your sexual center, being associated with the testes in men and the ovaries in women, this area is highly associated with the production of sexual hormones. Healthy and consistent production of these hormones is said to lead to an increased level of awareness, which further helps describe its connections to the Brow Chakra. The element for this energy center is water. On a physical level this energy center controls the flow of fluids in the body - circulation of blood, production of urine, menstrual flow, and semen, and once again points to a connection with the brain whose metal is Silver, and its planetary energy the moon, which has closely been associated with water since ancient times. Being above the Base Chakra it can be seen that this energy center also shares some similarities with lead and grows upon that base when it is strongly established. In ancient times Tin was even know as “White Lead.” When awakened this energy center can lead to increased levels of intuition, psychic ability, or overall mental awareness. The strive for spiritual growth and expansion emanates from this location, bringing one to pursue education, travel, or new experiences. This region will subconsciously push the individual to pursue their life's purpose, and on whole, contain their overall optimism, hope, and prosperity.
Balanced Energy Center:
When balanced your feelings flow freely and can be easily expressed. High self-confidence. No problems with sexuality. Open to intimacy. Great passion for life. Desire to live to the fullest. Able to feel the differences between your own feelings and thoughts as compared to others. Creative and comfortable being who you are. 

Overemotional. Create drama with others or events in your life. Emotionally attached to others and easily upset when they don’t meet your expectations. Sexual addiction. Mental, emotional, and physical tension.

Plagued by guilt. Lacking forgiveness for past mistakes. Fragile sense of worth. Dependent on pleasing others. Easily offended by words and actions of others. Believe your are flawed and need work. Fear of pleasure and denying yourself pleasure. Lack creativity. Weak sex drive. Overpowering need to fit in. Hard being true to yourself. Overly shy. Pessimistic.

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