Amethyst Eyes and Rosettes

By Everyday Magic

$ 30.00 

  • Amethyst Eyes and Rosettes
  • Amethyst Eyes and Rosettes
  • Amethyst Eyes and Rosettes

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These pieces of amethyst from Uruguay are saturated with iron, bringing their deep purple quality to the surface. The Eyes are slices of amethyst stalactites and the Rosettes are naturally mined to show their shape and gem quality. 

"For lightworkers, high priestesses, and addicts. Amethyst is found
throughout the world in locations including Africa, Russia, and the Americas; across
cultures and millennia, this stone has symbolized sovereignty among religious and
political leaders. When working in service of our highest selves, Amethyst is among
the most powerful stones for purification and protection. Amethyst is a high vibrating stone that works with the third eye and crown chakras to promote communication with Spirit, especially when we’re ready to ascend to a higher plane of existence. As we develop and learn our way on earth, we develop behavioral patterns to protect ourselves from an unpredictable world; as we grow older, however, these habits can become unnecessary or express themselves in ways that harm our bodies, work, and relationships. Suddenly, we find ourselves on the edge of a chasm, and the person we want to be is standing on the other side. Here, Amethyst helps us build a bridge. This stone clarifies thinking, assists in rational decision-making, and reminds us that we are in an ever-present relationship with the universe, and we deserve to embody our full potential. Keep a worry stone in your pocket when you’re feeling tempted by old habits, or place an Amethyst point by the bed to receive encouraging messages from your spiritual cheerleaders. A note on care: Amethyst is photosensitive. While exposure to sunlight won’t affect this stone’s metaphysical power, it can alter or lighten its color. Consider cleansing and ritual practices that don’t involve prolonged periods of direct sunlight."

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