Brown Sugar Cane

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From the Author:

"I spent many of my summer vacations in my parents islands. I was able to experience a variety of different fruits, vegetables and sweets. Brown sugar cane and fresh coconut water on the side of the road is something that makes you smile as an islander. I didn’t just get to experience the beauty of their islands but I was passed down their stories, habits and pain. I experienced their disappointments and their happiness along with them even when they thought I was but a child. I learned the process, the work, The importance of it all. The island proverbs that my granny would say to warn you that you were on the wrong path. I learned what it took to be considered a woman. What you were expected to endure. I learned my father’s silence like my second tongue. Even when it was painful I found the beauty and I am forever grateful. I hope this book brings you peace in all the unhealed/unprocessed parts of you."

Brown Sugar Cane

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