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Herbal REVOLUTION Spell Jar with ritual candle & spell instruction notecard.  Created under the Aquarius New Moon by Grace Oken & Michael Vazquez exclusively for Everyday Magic.

REVOLUTION- Total devotion.

Carnelian. Snake Shed. Burdock Root. Smoked Chili Flakes. Black Tea. Orange Peel. Cloves. Chrysanthemum petals. 

Please remove and separate the carnelian & snake shed. Please make sure there is ventilation & ample water covering the herbs before bringing them to boil- do not boil in an enclosed space. 

Safely tend to your candle until it has finished burning.

All herbs & resins are organic, wild-foraged or ethically sourced. 

*not for consumption

During the February New Moon in Aquarius, as Luna renewed herself in an Aquarian stellium unlike anything we’ve seen since 1962, a fresh batch of spells was conjured from the liminal space. These new spells taste of the cold expanse of the future, telling the story of the long road that brought us to today. 

The words of these spells are neither arbitrary or random, but written under the moon’s celestial labor, and with the support of spirit guides and ancestors. This is a peculiar magic, for a peculiar time. Stay weird, do spells. 

So mote it be.

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