Spooky Season Bracelets & Charms

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Everyday Magic presents Spooky Season Bracelets by Alexandria

Materials: gold plated, glass, and acrylic beads. 

The Glinda - Joy, Sweetness, Hope [ft. Genuine freshwater pearls]

The Marnie- Inner child delight, Nostalgia, ~fun~ [ft. Onyx]

The Stevie- Intuition, Protection, Bad Bitch Energy [ft. Pyrtie & Howlite]

Bracelets are adjustable from 6-8inches; beading wire is an increased thickness from the last batch (and no elastic); all pieces are sealed with hypo-cement. are precious & delicate works of magic. Remove before bathing or swimming.
Each bracelet is unique and may vary slightly in composition.

Charms are precious & delicate works of magic. Can be used for cell-phones, car mirrors, purses etc. On occasion, gently wipe down with a bit of diluted Florida Water to remove daily energetic grime. Charge by placing atop its corresponding tarot card.
Each charm is unique and may vary slightly in composition from the photo above. 

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