Oil Of Mercury

By Kymia Arts

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The Oil of Mercury is associated with the planetary energies of Mercury as well as the Throat Chakra. The energies of the throat hold a very unique position within the constitution of Man; acting as a bridge between the higher centers found in the brain and the centers of human nature and emotion found below it in the body. This center governs speech and creative expression. It aids in developing verbal abilities and effective communication. Associated with honesty as well as being truthful when expressing yourself, it is where we speak our choices, desires, and needs.

The throat is recognized as the area where energy becomes transformed and then manifested into the physical world. When blocked, obsessions and fixed ideas can be found here. Mercury was known to be the intermediary between the body and soul and is associated with  the “breath of life”(prana) - or the vital life force that comes through the breath.

Physically the Oil of Mercury works on the Thyroid Gland, upper respiratory system, inner ear, and sinuses. The Thyroid plays a key role in influencing metabolism, growth and development, and the body’s sensitivity to other hormones. The thyroid is ruled by the pituitary gland. The pituitary is known to stimulate the thyroid which in effect causes a cascade of hormones to circulate throughout the body stimulating the other subtle energy centers and the endocrine glands associated with those centers. These energies represent reason, common sense, rationality, order, and organization. Weighing and evaluating truths, both relative and universal are associated with the process of learning new skills, which the Oil of Mercury helps to stimulate. It can be seen as the seat of prosperity by being able to manifest your inner needs and desires.

Spiritually, the Oil of Mercury works as your center for expression and communication. The Oil of Mercury uses the clear perception that comes from the pituitary to then make clear and honest expressions and verbalization's about the Body & Mind's experience to its interior and exterior environments. Acting as your center of communication, the throat is also seen as the area from which you manifest your dreams and desires. Drawing down the clear perceptions from the brow, taking the base energies of presence, creativity, and strength, and passing through the center of love for creation and self, Mercury accurately expresses the emotions, thoughts, and conditions of all of these centers and effectively manifests these energies into physical and tangible principles and experiences. When the center of the Heart is illuminated by infinite and intuitive knowing, the Oil of Mercury can take expression beyond physical limitations to areas of divine manifestation and Being. 

Balanced Energy Center:
Ease in expressing oneself. Creative. Helpful. Giver of sound advice. Understanding of wants and needs and no fear in asking for them. Not afraid of expressing weaknesses. Focus on speaking the truth. Able to communicate thoughts, feelings, and desires.

Overactive Energy Center:
Talk too much. Bad listener. Over-opinionated. Critical of others' performance in life. Verbally abusive.

Under-active Energy Center:
Tend to not speak much. Introverted. Shy. May be dishonest. Unable to express yourself, your wants, your needs, and desires. Consistent feelings of being misunderstood. Others might see you as flaky or unreliable. Trouble being honest with yourself. Give mixed messages. Repressed anger. Emotional congestion.

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