Shiva Lingam - Extra Small

By Everyday Magic

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Extra Small Shiva Lingams weigh approximately .3 oz, and are 1" x .5"

Product size and appearance may vary from photo. 

For creators, destroyers, and wild things. This smooth egg-shaped stone is found at the holy Narmada River in western India, where stones are gathered from the riverbeds and hand polished in local rituals. Shiva Lingam embodies the union of male and female energies and the primeval powers of creation.

Energetically, each Shiva Lingam is like a tiny volcanic island, a representation of life at its very beginnings: the land roaring out of the sea floor will someday be lush with unique species of birds and flowers, but when it’s born, it’s born on fire. Shiva Lingam is a wonderful talisman for those of us who feel we’ve lost the carefree creativity of our youth, or whose fires have been smothered. Shiva Lingam also possesses the power of union: this stone unites vibrations from all chakras and all elements, and its shape evokes both male and female sex organs. Shiva Lingam’s power is in its ability to coalesce opposing energy into acts of creation, and to remind us that we are connected to all forces. To return, for a moment, to the island: that which isolates the island is a façade, a superficial layer of water that, while deep, is not endless. Underneath this ocean lies a connecting tissue of earth that links the island to its mainland, and to every other body of land on the planet. We are not alone.

Keep Shiva Lingam in or near your bed to rouse your prana energy, or meditate with Shiva Lingam when you’re feeling off-balance.

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