DIY Aromatherapy

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  • DIY Aromatherapy
  • DIY Aromatherapy

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Over 130 Affordable Essential Oils Blends for Health, Beauty, and Home

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Create Simple, Affordable, All-Natural Blends

Why pay the high cost of prescription medications, beauty products, and home cleaning supplies when you can easily, quickly, and aff ordably make them at home with essential oils? DIY Aromatherapy gets you started to producing your own blends right at home—from Lemon-Lavender Lip Balm to Minty Mineralizing Toothpaste to Healing Heels Salve, and more.

Harness the healing power of essential oils remedies today:

  • Discover the 35 “most essential” essential oils for your home
  • Choose from dozens of remedies for a range of common ailments that plague babies, children, adults, and even pets
  • Blend your own massage oils, lotions, and even perfumes in minutes
  • Create beauty care and home cleaning products that are 100% free of toxic chemicals

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