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“In many kinds of initiation, it is said that through language, human beings can approach the truth but never grasp it; and that, conversely, it is possible for them to know the truth through its reflection in beauty.”
- Alejandro Jodorowsky, The Way of the Tarot

Welcome to The Liminal Space.
Chances are, you are already here. In that silent airport, empty grocery store place. On the subway or in a stairwell or elevator or your home the night before you move out. In the inevitability and agony and aliveness of an unanswered now. It is the physical sensation of the present moment as a threshold. The awareness that we are in between what was and what will be. We are always here. The liminal space always has been and will forevermore be the reason why humans reach for magic. It is the void, the unknowable, the depth of the mystery, the sensation that perpetuated the identification of all gods. And yet, this space is unstable, dark, shimmery and appalling. There is an impulse to avoid it if we can. Like construction, it is impractical to go back, it always takes more time than anticipated, you see all the gross stuff underneath the walls and learn that everything is more systematically problematic than once believed. It unearths the weakest and mightiest of our humanity and divinity. It is the muse of the bravehearts, seekers, artists, visionaries, scientists and philosophers. It is the potency of a fully realized present moment in its sometimes ugly but always beautiful truth.

You are not alone in this uncertain place.


The 7 Goddesses
It is well-documented that 7 is the most powerfully magical number. It mirrors the colors of the rainbow, the continents on our earth, the planets in our solar system and the metals with which they are associated. A number connected to both wisdom and divine perfection, the sins and sacraments of catholicism, the days of creation in the bible, and the chakras in hinduism are all realized within the framework of this auspicious number. If the god is function then the goddess is form, and within this function we are creating a form for our understanding of this universe via 7 crystal-encrusted goddesses, created by Deanna Davenport with original works by Juliana Sabinson. Made out of mannequins, crystals, grit, and magic, these forms embody the philosophy of Everyday Magic, pulling together the quotidian and the esoteric in a visual manifestation of a universal truth - that we are both human and spirit, trash and treasure, naive and all-knowing, torn apart and endeavoring to know wholeness in spite of it all. The goddesses, the altars they will live on, and the objects available for purchase on those altars (both crystalline + otherwise) are intended to aid in healing and balancing the seven functions of the energetic body.
As above, so below.


birth of life opal. africa.

birth of vision pyrite. europe.

birth of expression lapis. asia.

birth of inspiration fluorite. australia.

birth of action calcite. north america.

birth of feeling amethyst. south america.

birth of evolution clear quartz. antarctica.

Muse Masquerade + Muse Unmasked
An impossible future – for one night only. Please join us for the Fourth Annual Muse Masquerade, a celebration of strangeness and taboo, spirit and intrigue, music and magic. A gathering of artists, absurdists, poets, oracles, and time-travelers. And you, whoever you want(ed) to be. 

Everyday Magic is partnering with the Carrack, Durham’s zero-commission gallery, to co-host their 4th Annual Muse Masquerade ball at 21c hotel in downtown Durham. On Saturday, October 27th from 8pm-12am, EM will offer a substance-free, sacred space centered around an 8th goddess within the context of the larger party. Music, refreshments, and the environment itself will be cultivated around the intention of elevated alignment. From 12am-2am the entire vault will transform into a space to process, set intentions, create rituals, shake it the fuck off, and ground before going home.
Please come ready to make magic. 

Tickets for the Muse Masquerade and Muse Unmasked after party available for purchase here.
Curated by Deanna Davenport,
this space is intended, designed and executed
to expand your mind.


7 Intention Candles

In conjunction with the Liminal Space Event, Everyday Magic will be releasing a line of seven intention candles created as sensory meditation aid to some of the most transformative processes we have undergone. We worked closely with Durham’s Crones and Stones to create scent profiles intended to speak to a universal sentiment. Labels designed by Autumn Whitehurst include instructions and sigil to break the spell.

Our first limited run of candles will be available for in-store purchase first at The Liminal Space event.



Mama Trauma
lipstick, moth balls and chlorine

for those born with shadow in their blood

burn and wrestle with the burden and blessing of this inheritance until all the fight has left you and only your grief remains. she will guide you from there.

Inner Child Healing
linen / rubber pacifier / dairy

for those ready to save themselves

burn as a north star back to a younger you trapped in a moment where the world went dark and no one saved them. save them now. it does not change what happened, but you deserved it then and you still do.
Daddy Issues
graphite, leather, shaving cream, carpet

for those who weren't taught love properly the first time

burn and collect the moments in which you have received genuine benevolence from the masculine. sew them together like a quilt. let that gorgeous ragtag thing be your map.


Magic Every Damn Day
fireworks, sulfur, sparklers

for those in search of of the truest truths

burn and feel your longing for magic until you feel a little dizzy with the intensity of this want. take three deep breaths. blow candle out. and so it is.

The Witches You Couldn't Burn
burnt wood, new growth, blood, old nails
for those living on and making magic despite it all

burn in effigy and outrage. activists, academics, artists, and witches across time show us the profound relationship between outrage and world-changing magic. make that kind.


Rebirthing Sex
[third eye]
skin / florals / fluids / oud

for those who worry they are broken

burn and invoke your no. your body has only ever belonged to you. hold up your no as an act of revolution in prayer that one day it will not have to be.


The Liminal Space
fog, thunder, electricity, dank

for those who dare to brave the void

burn and cry and laugh about the absurdity and fuckshit and perfection of this human experience and then do something that makes you feel very cozy and entirely mortal.

EM will be open to the public Saturday, October 27th and Sunday October 28th 11am-7pm.