Wooden Moon Suncatcher

By Artwood

$ 32.00 

  • Wooden Moon Suncatcher
  • Wooden Moon Suncatcher

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  • Unique Wood and Crystal Moon Suncatcher. Handmade in Ireland by Artwood!
  • All pieces are unique and will vary in color
  • We have a variety of woods, including elm, oak, walnut, beech, spalted beech, and olive ash. 
  • Crystals used are Egyptian Asfour
  • When in direct sunlight the crystals act as a prism and produce a wonderful array of rainbows on your walls.
  • Each piece is finished with 8-12 coats of danish oil (depending on absorbency of wood) to what we believe is the perfect sheen.
  • The image is a sample. The characteristics of each piece of wood will vary. They are very conscious of making sure that each and every piece is of equal natural beauty.

Small: 4"

Medium: 5.5"

Large: 7"

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