EM Process

Everyday Magic's IG Live Sale events can be found on our main Instagram page @everyday__magic. These events are best viewed through Instagram's mobile app.

Everyday Magic Live Instagram Sale Rules:
To participate in our EM Live Instgram Sales, you must follow these rules and guidelines.

  1. Absolutely no discriminatory, violent, or inflammatory language allowed in the comments. You will be blocked from the IG Live Sale immediately.
  2. Items will be shown in a predetermined order, please do not request that we show a specific piece at a specific time.
  3. There is no claiming of items during the IG Live Sale. All items will be available for purchase once the sale has ended. We provide link in our IG Stories and we feature our live sale on our website.

How to Purchase from the IG Live Sale:

  1. All crystals shown in the IG Live will have a sticker with a code & a sticker with the price. Keep track of the code associated with crystal (we recommend writing down a list!). Codes are a letter and number. Ex: A24
  2. Once the IG Live Sale has ended you can purchase these featured items on our website, or through the links posted in our IG stories.
  3. Crystals will be shown on our website with code & price. Select & checkout! 
  4. To be even quicker in the checkout process, we recommend making an Shopify Account on our website to save your shipping & payment information.
  5. Saving or favoriting an item to your account does not guarantee its availability. When you begin the checkout process, product availability will be confirmed.