EM Story

EM Sales Events

Everyday Magic maintains a very limited quantity of beautiful, responsibly mined gems from all around the world. Most of our crystal sales are managed through IG Live Sale events which take place a few times each month.

About EM

Since its inception on the 2016 Spring Equinox, Everyday Magic has taken many forms with a singular intention — to make magic accessible to anyone who seeks it, and to instill in the seeker that magic is everywhere.

Everyday Magic lived in two Downtown Durham, NC storefronts before moving online full-time in 2020. With the support of our virtual community we were able to successfully transition and streamline our business model to Friday crystal sales + shop drops, where we come together most weeks for a live broadcast Instagram sale complete with educational background about the featured stones. 18% of each Instagram Live Sale (IG Live Sale) is donated to non-profit causes that are important to us, with emphasis on BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ organizations.

Crystals are the heart of our business, and over the years Everyday Magic has cultivated relationships with vendors from all over the world to source beautiful, responsibly mined gems.

Alongside our prolific crystal hauls, Everyday Magic is known for its collaborations with fellow magic-makers on ritual objects, home goods, and personal care products.

We are the proud home, publisher, and co-creator of the Wayhome Tarot, as well as the forthcoming Visions in the Liminal Space oracle deck.

Keep up with us on IG @everyday__magic.