Allergy Relief Tincture

By Full Flower Herbs

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  • Allergy Relief Tincture
  • Allergy Relief Tincture

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A blend of antihistamine herbs, this medicine is designed to take during an allergic reaction--could be any kind of allergy, indoor or outdoor. Try it as a natural alternative to over the counter antihistamines. 

Contains: Ground ivy (glechoma hederacea) leaf & flower, lemon balm leaf, turmeric root, giant ragweed leaf (ambrosia trifida) extracted fresh in 75% alcohol and 25% water

Directions are included on the bottle.

Not to be used if pregnant, or by those with epilepsy or liver or kidney disease. Consult a care provider if nursing. 


What is a Tincture?
This product is an herbal tincture, or alcohol extract. A tincture is a way of taking herbal medicine, like drinking tea. Medicinal herbs are chopped and extracted through soaking in alcohol. 

Benefits of tinctures include: 
Convenience—Just squeeze a couple of droppers into a small bit of water, instead of making a cup of tea. It’s easy to take your medicine on the go.
Shelf life—The alcohol preserves the plant’s medicine for years to come. 
Freshness—Herbs can be extracted fresh, preserving their fresh essence. 

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