Amazonite Palmstone

By Everyday Magic

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For philosopher-queens, orators, and middle children. Amazonite’s milky green-blue hue alludes to its source and namesake, the Amazon River in Brazil, though quarries have been found from Colorado to Russia. Amazonite is a wonderful tool for manifestation and communication.

Amazonite works with both the throat and heart chakras, and thus helps us harmonize expression and empathy. Speaking honestly and kindly helps us align our words with the intentions of our higher selves; additionally, it more effectively allows us to convey our goals and ask for what we need. This stone facilitates communication with others, and among discrete aspects of the self. Human consciousness is a glittering, ever-shifting palimpsest of thoughts and fears and desires, and while complication is part of what makes us unique and divine, sometimes we get lost in the wilderness of ourselves.  Here, Amazonite is our map: it helps us recognize internal and external boundaries so that we may better understand and synthesize them.

Drop a few tumbled stones into a hot bath to connect with your river spirits, or meditate with Amazonite over your heart or throat chakra when you feel pulled in different directions.

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