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            For grandmother willows, convalescents, and time travelers. Amber is the natural resin of trees that spread their branches some 30 to 60 million years ago. Use in ritual dates back to 2000BC; the Greek word for Amber, elektron, evolved into our modern “electricity,” and alludes to this gem’s ability to hold an electric charge. Amber works with the solar plexus chakra to spark our inner flames.

Each piece of Amber holds the soul of an ancient tree. This stone works with the solar plexus chakra and the elemental powers of earth to facilitate the transmutation of darkness into light, cold into warmth, and illness into recovery.

Just as living trees turn toxic carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen, Amber transforms negative energy into positive vibrations. Additionally, Amber’s organic cellular composition is similar to our own, and so its vibrations feel warm and familiar to humans. The mutual recognition between Amber and us makes this stone a perfect companion for those new to magic, or those who are feeling a little out of touch with their higher self; sometimes all it takes is a friendly face to remind us how sacred we are.

Massage an Amber amulet and feel the sparks of life from millions of years ago, or pair with Citrine to double your prosperity during a manifestation ritual.

3in x 2in

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