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Green Apophyllite H36

Green Apophyllite H36

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H35 Apophyllite from the Heart Healers sale 11/11.

For interdimensional travelers, angels, and psychics. Each Apophyllite stone is in reality a thousand melded layers of mirrored crystal. These tiny castles are found throughout Europe, the Americas, and India, where this stone’s intense dimensionality has earned it a reputation for conducting business between our world and the spirit realm.

Vibrating with the crown, third eye, and heart chakras, Apophyllite connects us to the angelic realm. It is a stone of enhanced awareness, working both to increase psychic abilities and to call in messages from our higher selves and guides. The clear and mirrored nature of this stone allows us to travel deep into its halls, reflecting on our unique spiritual journeys. Its gentle healing energy allows us to address our cracks and fissures with peace and ease. Healing spiritually is an important part of our earthly experience, and Apophyllite guides us gently through the hills and valleys of this terrain.

Keep apophyllite on your healing, ancestral, or angelic alatars, or hold it during meditation to receive wisdom from within.


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