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Blue Calcite Mushrooms

Blue Calcite Mushrooms

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For madgirls, creatives, and the overwhelmed. A more rare form of Calcite, Blue Calcite can be found in Mexico, the United States, Britain, Iceland, and Pakistan. 

Blue Calcite is the go-to stone for those of us who run hot. Whether it be anxiety, anger, or frustration with the general state of the world, Blue Calcite transmutes our irritation and pain into a lighter, softer version of itself. It imparts us with the patience and clarity to navigate moments that would have otherwise stretched us past our comfortable limits, while protecting us from energies that threaten our equilibrium. It is also a stone of creativity. Blue Calcite’s assistance in the creative process is two-fold; first, it creates enough internal peace that dreams, ideas and thoughts flow more easily; second, as a throat chakra activator, it allows for easy communication of those dreams, ideas and thoughts. 


Hold Blue Calcite in your hand during hard or activating conversations, or meditate with it to calm down after conflict or to open yourself up when feeling creatively blocked.

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