Celestite Freeform - Xtra Small

By Everyday Magic

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For maidens, messengers, and seraphim. Celestite is a dollop of dreamy blue sky. This stone is mined in Madagascar and has been used in meditation for centuries; after experiencing a surge in popularity in the 1990s, it’s recently found itself trending again. Celestite emits a steady, serene energy that’s ideal for angelic communication.

Celestite works especially well with the third eye chakra, offering us gentle and harmonious communication with spirit. This stone’s uplifting vibrations are less waves than they are soft laps at the shoreline of our consciousness, pulling us deeper at our own pace. As its name implies, Celestite is a wonderful ally for accessing celestial realms and the spirits that inhabit them. On a practical level, Celestite facilitates communication by helping us transition into a meditative state and remain focused on our journey. This is a patient stone that teaches us to trust the universe, and offers us the occasional glimpse into Spirit’s inner workings when we need a little extra substantiation. Radiating energy from all points, Celestite is a perfect stone for emotional spaces that need constant attention—a difficult work environment, for example, or a sacred space through which high amounts of energy pass.

Keep Celestite in your bedroom or meditation room for gentle cleansing, or wear as an amulet to attract protective spirits.

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