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Chocolate Opal C3

Chocolate Opal C3

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C3 from Herkimer + Opal sale 8/27.



  • Opals are stones of protection. They protect from the various psychological effects of negative thinking and the emanating negative energies.
  • They provide good antidotes to racing thoughts and restless minds thereby soothing one of recurring nightmares.
  • It helps to direct the thoughts and various psychological energies towards a positive directly thereby ensuring harmony and balance.
  • Opal can help people to be invisible and blend in without much friction. The benefits lie when one ventures to dangerous adventures where stealth must be required.
  • Opal intensifies passionate feelings by releasing inhibitions thereby ensuring more intimacy.


.62 lbs, width: 3 in, height: 2.5 in, depth: 2.5 in

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