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Color Therapy Glasses

Color Therapy Glasses

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Color Therapy Glasses are an instant mood-booster, vibe-changer and brain hacker. Use the warm colors when feeling blue in the colder months and the cooler tones of mental elevation and meditation. 

Root Chakra
Associated with vitality, power, self-confidence and safety
Energizing + stimulating
Promotes caring for physical, earthly needs
Avoid when angry

Sacral Chakra
Associated with sociability, creativity, and happiness.
Warming and uplifting
Call them my anti-depressant sunglasses
World looks ugly when you them off

Solar Plexus Chakra
Associated with health, cheerfulness, and mental clarity
Flirty + retro
Wear when manifesting

Heart Chakra
Associated harmony, healing, peace, and love
Money, money, money bitch
…but also unconditional love
green has a calming effect bc nature

Also Heart Chakra
Good vibes only
Inner child healing
Yes way Rosè
Be honest you want rose colored glasses

Throat Chakra
Associated with sensitivity, loyalty, and integrity
I wear them when writing
Facilitates a flow state
Turns me into a nostalgic bitch

Crown Chakra
Associated generosity, selflessness, wisdom, and inspiration
Most spiritual of the colors
Makes everything ~nice~
Meditate with them!

Soul Star Chakra
Emotional balance, universal harmony
Will help you relax
Legally Blonde
Giving Barbie Heals her Nervous System


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