Henna Art by Nadia 6/16

Saturday, June 16

11 AM - 7 PM

By Everyday Magic

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*note* henna is $10 and up in store*
Hello! My name is Nadia and I was first introduced to henna art at my Aunts wedding in Egypt. As a young girl, I would endlessly practice henna on myself, my family, and friends. Growing up in a small town in Connecticut not many people knew what henna was, but I was always so happy to teach friends about the ancient art I grew up with! After graduating from Newtown High School in 2013 (still missing my class and hometown a bunch!), I decided to turn my hobby for henna into small "business". I would do events for my local masjid and a few bridal appointments, but I always had such a blast! I have traveled to California and Hawaii to learn more about henna and the business. I have met so many wonderful people and have learned so much during my journey as a henna artist, I cannot wait to see where else my path takes me!
Guests don’t need to bring anything, just bring yourself and keep the area you will be getting henna on clean and exfoliated! The henna is 100% all natural/organic and completely safe on the skin. The henna design takes around 1 hour to completely dry and should be kept on a minimum of 4 hours to get the best quality stain, so keep in mind of the body part that will be getting done and what plans you have afterwards! 

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