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Matricaria recutita

  • calms anxiety, irritability
  • insomnia
  • IBS
  • upset stomach
  • nervous headaches
  • PMS anxiety, mood swings, menstrual cramps
  • especially useful for people with erratic moods - agitated one minute, fine the next, anxious 10 minutes later
  • stress-induced gastro-intestinal symptoms - diarrhea, nervous stomach, constipation, acid reflux, heartburn, bowel spasms, or hiccoughs (combine with Catnip, Hops, or Valarian)
  • “babies of any age” (Matthew Wood) petulant, self-centered, intolerant of pain or not having their way, inclined to pick quarrels, or averse to being touched, soothed, or spoken to
  • ADD/ADHD  - give mixed 50/50 with apple juice
  • growing pains
  • teething pain
  • colic (mother takes the infusion/tincture and it is passed through the milk)
  • fevers w/restlessness and irritability

Long history of use in folk medicine and homeopathy.

There are two kinds of Chamomile, German (above) and Roman.  Some herbalists differentiate between their actions and some use them interchangeably.  German Chamomile tastes better, but has less antispasmodic effect.

“Bathing in a decoction takes away weariness, eases pains, to what part of the body soever they be applied.  It comforts the sinews that are overstrained, mollifies all swellings.  It moderately comforts all parts that have need of warmth, digests and dissolves whatsoever has need thereof, by a wonderful speedy property.” Nicholas Culpeper 



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