Tarot Readings with Courtney Roy 8/4

Saturday, August 4

11 AM - 7 PM

By Everyday Magic

$ 35.00 

This variant is currently sold out

On Saturday, August 4th, we are so happy to to host Courtney Roy for 20 minute tarot readings!

Readings are by appointment only, so make sure to reserve your spot. 

With every reading, Courtney strives to create a comfortable environment that allows for transformation, growth, and understanding. The only thing required is an open mind and positive vibe. Her style of reading relies heavily on her intuition and clairsentient abilities in order to provide the best results for her clients. While she's open to all subjects, she specializes in relationship, soul purpose, and career path readings. All who participate in a reading will be encouraged to open the session with a question or an intention in which you hope to find clarity. From there, a world of answers and insight will open up for you to explore! 

Courtney Roy has been reading tarot for three exciting years. Her journey started after she was gifted her first divination tool; an amethyst pendulum. She quickly realized she had a natural affinity for the metaphysical and a profound connection to the spiritual world around her. In addition to tarot, she has experience with aura readings, empathic healing, pendulum work, and reiki and uses these skills to enrich her readings. She's spent the last year intensely studying the cards and learning how to channel her abilities into her work. It's been a very rewarding experience and she looks forward helping you unlock some magic, peace, and clarity into your everyday lives.

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