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Cursebreaker Calcite & Fluorite

Cursebreaker Calcite & Fluorite

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For King’s Daughters, wheel riders, and the unbloomed. Curse Breaker Calcite is a combination of smoky Calcite and green Fluorite found in China.

Like a bolt of lightening, this specimen serves to shake loose the shackles of a curse, whether it be cast by an enemy or willingly entered by the victim. Curses take all forms, and Curse Breaker Calcite acts as both a disurptor and a guide, helping us to realize patterns of abuse and mistreatment, and helping us move on with kindness and self-compassion. Cloak-like in its protection, Curse Breaker Calcite hides us under the cover of darkness so that the dragon doesn’t know we’ve left the tower until we’re miles away.


Keep by your bedside for shadow work and dream work, or place on your altar to aid in dismantling new and old curses alike.

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