Datura Flower Essence

By Fern and Fungi

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Gentle flower essence medicine is the safest way to work with sacred nightshade plants who are normally too poisonous to ingest. In traditional folk magic datura inoxia is used to break curses and the evil eye and bring on psychic dreams and visions. The flower essence can be ingested, used to anoint ceremonial tools, or used externally for cleansing or anointing.

Datura inoxia originates from Central America and the American Southwest where it was (and sometimes still is) worshipped as a powerful Grandmother spirit associated with Coyote and the healing practices of the indigenous medicine men and women. Datura inoxia, or Toloache, lends one the courage to go through important initiations, life changes, transformations, and endings without fear or clinging to the past. It tears away the veil pulled over the eyes and breaks illusions. It can alternately help one see the unseen and access the otherworld and dream world.

Use datura inoxia to help find and more deeply work with your spirit guides. Datura also helps to repair things when you have gone too far or too dark, said something you can't take back or broke a taboo you wish you hadn't. It heals the deepest of wounds: the ones we inflict on our souls. Grandmother Datura traditionally requires one to abstain from meat, fat, and sexual activity when ingesting her medicine for these more serious reasons.

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