Deathly Hallows Dreamcatcher

By Christian Berry

$ 125.00 

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Stones: Green Calcite, Black Tourmaline, Quartz

Intention: Following Your Heart, Protection, Vulnerability

*Measurement: 21" L x 11" W


About the artist and the dreamcatchers:

Having grown up in a rural community in North Georgia, Christian Berry has always been connected to the spiritual energy of raw, untouched nature. This connection is deeply rooted in the inspiration and process of making his one-of-a-kind, organic dreamcatchers. Acting as energetic talismans to facilitate balance and growth, each dreamcatcher is made with specific needs and intentions in mind. With each piece, Christian consults his tarot cards to gain a sense of unspoken energy which solidifies the final design. Through channeled art each piece corresponds with the positive intentions, transforming negative energy into progressive, healing, and awakening realities. The items used in his designs are responsibly and ethically sourced, as well as 100% cruelty free.

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