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Florida Water Cologne

Florida Water Cologne

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The enduring popularity of the world-famous Florida Water is due to its wonderful light floral scent with lemon overtones. The formula has remained unchanged for more than 200 years.

In existence since the 1800’s, Florida Water is known for its refreshing citrus smell and its strong cleansing properties. Called “The most popular perfume in the world”, it’s named after the legendary Fountain of Youth, which is purported to have been located in Florida.

Florida Water was first introduced in the United States in 1808. With a base ingredient of alcohol, Florida Water contains a blend of dissolved essential oils, including lemon, orange, and lavender oil. Said to cure a headache, soothe a fever and scent a home, the benefits of Florida Water were hailed by all. Its strong magical properties have made it a staple in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Santeria, and Wiccan practices.

Peruvian Florida Water is especially beloved by Shamans and energy workers. It has a slightly more floral and spicy scent. 

In use for centuries, this versatile product has certainly proven to be a useful staple in any home and in many magic and religious practices.

There are myriad of ways to incorporate Florida Water into your spiritual life.

  • The stimulating citrus and floral scented cologne is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water.

  • Wiping down all of the items on your altar with Florida Water will cleanse them of any negative energy and clear them to receive messages from the spirits and ancestors. NOTE: When wiping down candles, wait until the candle is completely dry before lighting.

  • Also used in spells, Florida Water is used to remove heavy vibrations and to encourage the expression of emotions.

  • When seeking guidance from ancestors, placing a glass of Florida Water on your altar will clear the air of any static and interference to allow for a clear reading.

  • For help attracting love or unblocking obstacles relating to a current relationship, add a few drops to a bowl set beside your bed and light a red Attraction Candle while focusing your intention on your desired goal. *Be aware, Florida Water is flammable and should never be placed directly on a candle or too close to a flame.

  • When blessing and cleansing a new home, use Florida Water to anoint your floors, windows and doorways for protection, prosperity and luck.

  • Washing with Florida Water soap will cleanse you before a ritual. Add a few drops to a spiritual bath to rid yourself of negative energy and encourage protection.

  • After a bath, dab some Florida Water on your head, neck, heart, and feet for protection and a feeling of balance.

  • Bring peace into the workplace by using Florida Water in your office.

  • Wash your hands with Florida Water after engaging with negative people or being in a negative environment.

  • Those who tend to engage in gossip or just talk too much can benefit from it’s calming affects.

  • Add some drops to ink and paper when writing out spells.

 This description was adapted from the vendor's original copy. 


Made in the USA & Peru
Not tested on animals
Packaged in clear plastic bottle

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