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Extra Small Garnets weigh approximately 2 - 3 oz, and are 3.5" - 4.5" in circumference. Garnets are priced either $25 or $40 based on weight and circumference.

Product size and appearance may vary from photo.  

For orphans, healers, and firewalkers. Garnet is found in countries such as Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Austria, and ranges in color from terra cotta to near-black crimson. This stone awakens kundalini energy and roots us in the physical world, though its powers are anything but mundane.

Garnet’s etymology traces back to granatum, the Latin word for “pomegranate.” Pomegranates, those mysterious fruits that look on the outside like a grenade and on the inside like a heart, have a long and magical mythology, and they share many mystical qualities with their namesake gem. Both improve longevity, for example; and, more interestingly, both initiate us into darkness. Just as a pomegranate tied Persephone to the Underworld, Garnet connects us with the depths of our own psyches. This is a stone of ancient magic, and its energy is intimately connected with the base chakra, our seat of survival, security, and vital force. Garnet calls us to explore our most primal needs and secret desires—the things we want so badly it hurts to want them. Just because Garnet plumbs our dark waters, however, doesn’t mean its energy is daunting. Garnet is a protector, and as it taps into our sensuality, it calls us to appreciate the offerings of the physical world even as we explore its more difficult aspects.

Meditate with Garnet at the root chakra and ask yourself what you truly desire, and carry Garnet with you to manifest that heartaching want.

*All crystals vary slightly in size, shape and color*

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