Golden Thread Tarot

By Everyday Magic

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  • Golden Thread Tarot
  • Golden Thread Tarot
  • Golden Thread Tarot
  • Golden Thread Tarot
  • Golden Thread Tarot

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Golden Thread Tarot is a modern approach to an ancient tradition.

Cards: 78 total, major and minor arcana
Size: 70 x 120 mm
Materials: 300g glossy card stock with gold foil stamping


From the maker:

While reading for my friends and coworkers, I've consistently found myself having to explain the same things again - that tarot is not something to be feared, that the future is not fixed, and that we create our own fate.

The cards to me have been an incredibly empowering tool - it is a language beyond words, it is a language of universal symbols from which we can piece together stories of our shared experiences. Through tarot spreads and readings, we can reveal different possible ways of telling the stories that created us, and therefore, shape their futures in with intention. Tarot is a mirror into which we gaze, and take back what we learned.

As Anais Nin said long ago, "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." What we project into the tarot cards are indications of what we may unconsciously feel. I want to stretch that even further, and say - we don't just see the world, we shape it everyday with our actions. Thus, the stories that we tell ourselves are infinitely important.

Even printing this deck was a huge effort. We had to create metal stamps for each card's graphic, and there were very few printers that would even consider working with us. The final product is a huge labor of love (and late night obsessions).

Golden Thread Tarot is a pet project of mine, I've put my entire heart into it. I really hope you'll like it too!

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