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Green Fluorite H171

Green Fluorite H171

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H171 Green Fluorite from the Heart Healers sale 11/11.

For swordsmiths, soothsayers, and violet flames. Fluorite is a multi-colored calcium fluoride crystal sourced from countries including China, England, and the United States. This stone lends its name to “fluorescence,” or the quality that causes certain colors to glow under ultraviolet light. Fluorite’s luminous blazes of color contribute to this gem’s reputation as a tool for clear thought and bright ideas.

         Fluorite is an essential stone for calling on powers of the mind. This stone awakens all chakras, particularly the third eye, to enhance our powers of judgment and intuition when we need to make plans and decisions. Fluorite is spiritually tied to the tarot suit of Swords, the house of decisiveness, intellect, conflict, and power. This is in part due to Fluorite’s powerful stimulating vibrations, but also due to its healing properties. Those who work with the tarot know that Swords isn’t the happiest suit: its cards communicate strife, battle, and heartbreak. Fluorite cleanses the auric field as it increases intellectual aptitude, allowing us to create harmony in our minds and lives, and to gracefully detach from that which doesn’t serve our highest selves.

         Keep Fluorite near your laptop when working, or meditate with Fluorite in your hands or over your third eye chakra to quiet a chaotic mind.


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