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Honey Calcite Spheres

Honey Calcite Spheres

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For students, old dogs, and closers. Found on five of the seven continents but predominantly in Mexico, Honey Calcite appears in a range of brown shades and is usually transparent. It connects the root, solar plexus and third eye chakra, and is a strong metaphysical tool for calling in focus and clarity.

This warm and sweet member of the Calcite family is known for its ability to help us complete tasks. Combining mental clarity, focused energy and groundedness, it rides a well paced chariot towards a far off goal with consistency, ease and grace. Specifically beneficial for long term projects, Honey Calcite is the stone of choice for students and workaholics alike. A wheel breaker, it clears the mind for new information, breaks us out of old habits and patterns, and helps us overcome a fear of taking action. Honey Calcite is procrastination’s foe and productivity’s friend. While many of the patterns that Honey Calcite breaks refer to work and habit, when used with Green Apophyllite it can be used to dislodge and heal old, trauma based patterns and inner child wounds.


Carry Honey Calcite with you when you embark on new projects for a swift and consistent journey, or place by a project that you have been avoiding to spark enthusiasm.

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