Immunity Elixir Tincture

By Full Flower Herbs

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  • Immunity Elixir Tincture
  • Immunity Elixir Tincture

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The Immunity Elixir is an offering to help you fend off sickness during the cold season, or whenever you're sick. It contains a blend of medicinal flowers and berries with antiviral, antibacterial, and immune stimulating properties. Several of these plants have both antiviral and antibacterial properties, which is helpful when you don't know if you have a viral or bacterial infection. 

This product is intended for use during early onset and acute sickness. 

All herbs are prepared fresh from plants sustainably grown and wild-harvested in the NC Piedmont. 

Contains: Echinacea flower, leaf (E. purpurea)*, Capritopia Farm ginger (Zingiber officinale)*, elderberry (Sambucus nigra)***, elderflower (S. canadensis)**, honeysuckle flower (Lonicera japonica)**, neutral spirits, wildflower honey*. 56% ABV.

* sustainably & locally grown 
**responsibly foraged  

Suggested Use: At first sign of illness take 2-3 full droppers every 2-3 hours. Continue until resolved. Safe for general use.


What is an Elixir?
This product is an herbal elixir, which is a combination of a tincture and a medicinal honey or syrup. A tincture is an extract made by soaking medicinal herbs in alcohol over a period of time (usually at least 2 months). A medicinal honey is made by heating honey mixed with an herb to extract medicinal properties into the honey.

Because the final alcohol content of this elixir is 56%, it is shelf stable and can be treated like a tincture in terms of storage and shelf life. See below.

Benefits of tinctures (and this elixir) include: 
Convenience—Just squeeze a couple of droppers into a small bit of water, instead of making a cup of tea. It’s easy to take your medicine on the go.
Shelf life—The alcohol preserves the plant’s medicine for years to come. 
Freshness—Herbs can be extracted fresh, preserving their fresh essence. 

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