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Larimar L2

Larimar L2

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L2 from the Larimar and Elmwood Fluorite sale 8/27.

For summer loves, feminists, and merpeople. Found only on Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, Larimar is a goddess stone that allows users to connect with and communicate their Divine Feminine.

With its silvery clouds and cerulean channels, Larimar is a meeting of sea and sky. This stone’s energy evokes the calm we feel when looking out on a placid ocean horizon, and its relaxing energy creates space for deep healing. Larimar can soothe and realign disregulated kundalini energy in trauma survivors, and releases us from unhealthy relationships. As it connects us with our goddess aspects, Larimar is especially protective over those with ample feminine energy. This isn’t to say that Larimar is entirely gentle, however: this stone awakens the throat chakra and encourages us to speak out and advocate for ourselves. Larimar emanates a placid confidence that allows us to communicate convincingly without resorting to arguments or manipulation. Larimar is also useful in combination with high vibrating stones, such as Amethyst, Kyanite, and Selenite, as it softens their energy during ritual work and protects users from disengaging from the body too quickly.

Keep Larimar in your home for tranquil living, or wear around your neck to speak truth to power.


.48 lbs, width: 3.5 in, height: 3.5 in

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