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Malachite Box B68

Malachite Box B68

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B68 from the Denver Ballers Sale.

Malachite is for troopers, beast masters, and chiefs. Malachite was popular in ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures, and its uses varied from the cosmetic—specifically, powdered eye shadow—to the sacred. Lore maintains that Malachite warns us of evil by shattering before tragedy occurs, and even today, this stone is a cardinal protector from negative energies.

Soft green and blue bands coil serenely around each piece of Malachite, though this stone’s soothing palate and organic spheroid structures belie fierce guardian vibrations that make Malachite indispensable for practicing witches. It’s impossible to open ourselves to the divine without also opening ourselves to dark forces, and Malachite activates our awareness of such negativity so that we can better predict, prevent, and combat it. Malachite works closely with the heart chakra, emanating positive energy that elicits feelings of contentment and security. Its dual properties of protection and positivity make Malachite a natural choice for those in positions of leadership.
Keep a worry stone in your pocket when you need to be assertive, or meditate with Malachite over your heart chakra to dispel negative energy and attract positive vibrations.


1.96lbs, h: 2in, w: 4in, l: 4in

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